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Institution Code: SA4 | 911 Artrticles | Page: 2 / 183

6. Title: Treatment phases in management of    a comprehensive restorative case. A case report
Author(s): Duaa Abo Al Samh
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(1)

7. Title: Transmission and post-exposure management of bloodborne virus infections in dental practice
Author(s): Sukumaran Anil, Mohammed Jafer, R. S. Preethanath
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20 (2)

8. Title: Anodic oxidized implants inserted into fresh frozen bone grafts
Author(s): Alessandro Viscioni, Maurizio Franco, Leone Rigo, Riccardo Guidi, Anna Avantaggiato, Matteo Danza, Francesco Carinci
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(2)

9. Title: The effect of sodium hypochlorite on the elimination of E. Faecalis using rotary instrumentation and intermittent passive ultrasonic irrigation
Author(s): Hanan A. Balto 
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(2)

10. Title: Antibacterial activity of ethanolic extract of Myrtus communis. L leaves against salivary Mutans streptococci
Author(s): Dalia K.A. Al-Anbori, Marwan S.M. Al-Nimer, Athraa M. Al-Weheb
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(2)

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