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Title: Improved compliance with adjuvant vinorelbine and cisplatin in non-small cell lung cancer. PDF
Author(s): Ali Aljubran, Natasha Leighl, Melania Pintilie, Ronald Burkes
Source: Hematology - Oncology and Stem Cell Therapy , 2009 , 2 , 1, 265-271

Abstract: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Poor compliance has been a common feature in clinical trials of adjuvant chemotherapy for NSCLC with only 48% to 69% of patients completing all planned cycles. We retrospectively evaluated compliance and toxicity of platinum-based chemotherapy in the 2 years following recent reports of successful adjuvant chemotherapy trials for NSCLC. Patients AND METHODS: Patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy after complete resection of NSCLC between May 2003 and May 2005 were analyzed retrospectively. Patient demographics, ECOG status, stage, pathologic subtype and type of surgery were recorded. The number of chemotherapy cycles, delays, dose reducttions and change of chemotherapy were reported. Resu lts : Fifty patients were identified. The median age was 62 years (38% stage I, 18% stage II, 30% stage III and 14% had multiple primary tumors of variable stages). Twenty percent were ECOG PS2; Only 12% had undergone pnemonectomy. Forty-one patients (82%) started cisplatin/vinorelbine (three switched to carboplatin because of nephrotoxicity, and one switched to carboplatin/paclitaxel because of fatigue and vomiting). Three patients received other cisplatin-based combinations; six received..

Addresses: aKing Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, bPrincess Margaret Hospital, Toronto Canada, cUniversity of Toronto, Toronto Canada, and the dMount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada..

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