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Title: Profile of serum alpha-fetoprotein of elderly pregnant women
Author(s): Nemat Hashem, Ahmed Ezzat
Source: Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics, 2000, Vol. 1, No. 1,, 1-33

Abstract: Maternal serum alpha fetoprotein has definite but variable predictive value for detection of neural tube defects. However, VIS and estimation of serum acetylcholine estrase enzyme are complementary to maternal serum alpha fetoprotein (MSAFP) estimation in detection and confirmation of those anomalies. The median value of MSAFP was more informative than the mean, therefore it was used for analysis of the results of the present study. In the present study, estimation of MSAFP was carried out on 370 pregnant women comprising two different age categories. The first category group aged (35-46y) included 2 groups (A1 & A2), the 2nd category group aged (20-25y) included 2 groups (B1 & B2) MSAFP was assayed antenatally in groups (A1 & B1) & postnatally in groups (A2 & B2). Results of the present study showed that there was a significant elevation of MSAFP in cases of NTD with a minimum predictive rate of 66% for anencephaly and lumbar myelocele. Significant reduction of the level of MSAFP was also noted in 2 cases of 21- chromosomal aneuploidy which were discovered during the study. This awards MSAFP estimation a predictive rate of 100% as a screening test beside maternal age to delineate selecting patients at high risk for further investigations through chorionic villus sampling for two major categories of fetal malformations namely neural tube defects and 21- chromosomal aneuploidy...

Addresses: Ain-Shams University Medical Genetics Center, Cairo, Egypt...

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