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Author(s): Ensaf Saied Abdel-Gawad, Ph.D.
Source: Saudi Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation, 2002;8(3), 163-168

Abstract: Diabetes is a devastatingly chronic disease that affects quality of life (QOL). The objective of this study is to assess diabetic Saudi patients' perceptions of their quality of life and its relation to some socio-demographic variables. Interview questionnaire was designed to collect data from 320 randomly selected patients in three main hospitals in Riyadh. Results showed that diabetes has affected QOL, the overall QOL impairment was in the mild to moderate range. Satisfaction with life in general was prevalent. However, much concern was noted, for health in future, complications, death and the great impact of diabetes on physical health and sex life. Higher satisfaction, less impact of diabetes and few worries were reported for social life and relationships within family and friends. Dissatisfaction and great impact of diabetes were evident with the necessary changes in routine lifestyles such as diet regimen, body weight, and physical activities. Some socio-demographic and diabetes-related variables were significantly related to either total measure or one of the scales of QOL such as age, sex, marital status, education, type of diabetes, treatment regimen and hospitalization. These findings help the planners of diabetes management and education programs for early identification of persons at risk of decreased QOL and tailoring preventive intervention that bring significant changes in patient's QOL...

Addresses: the Community Health Sciences Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Riyadh, KSA..

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