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Title: Studies on Prosopis Juliflora D.C. Seed Extracts as Surface Grain Protectants Against the Lesser Grain Borer, Rhizopertha Dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrychidae)
Author(s): Nadra H Al-Moajel ; Salwa M S Ahmed ;
Source: Dirasat, Agricultural Sciences, 2005, 32, 1, 38-49

Abstract: The effect of Prosopis juliflora seed extracts on Rhizopertha dominica attacking wheat grains was evaluated under laboratory conditions using different concentrations. Results indicated that the highest concentrations of pet-ether, chloroform and acetone extracts caused 100% pest mortality on day 5. The LC95 of different seed extracts was10.9 ml/kg for pet-ether = acetone, and 30.4 ml/kg for chloroform, whereas the LC50 value was minimum (4.1 & 4.5 ml/kg) in chloroform and acetone extracts, respectively ; followed by pet- ether extract (7.4 ml/kg). In all extracts, the efficacy increasing with the increase in concentration of the extract. The adult emergence was reduced significantly at both tested rates of all extracts (72 – 100% at LC50 concentrations and 94-100% at LC95 concentrations). All extracts, however, significantly protected the grains against feeding by R. dominica resulting in lower weight loss compared with the control. The number of adult emergence and grain weight loss decreased..

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