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Title: Stability Analysis to Identify Desirable Genotypes of Chickpea for Different Planting Times under Rice Based Cropping System
Author(s): Devendra Payasi; R N Sharma ;
Source: Dirasat, Agricultural Sciences, 2005, 32, 1, 21-26

Abstract: A set of twenty genotypes of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) was evaluated during 2001 in three different planting dates under rice based cropping system. The result of stability analysis revealed that genotypes ‘ICCV 00108’ for seed yield/ plant; ‘Vaibhav’ for seed yield/ plant and late maturity; ‘ICCV 97016’ for seed yield/ plant and biological yield; ‘ICCV 95138’ for plant height; ‘ICCV 93122’ for late maturity and days from flowering to maturity and ‘ICCV 00107’ for late maturity and days from maturity were found stable and may be used as parents in hybridization programme or can be released as varieties after multilocation yield testing under rice based cropping system...

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