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Title: Phytotoxicity of Some Common Weed Species to Certain Vegetable Crops Grown in Jordan
Author(s): K.A. Obaid ; J Qasem ;
Source: Dirasat, Agricultural Sciences, 2005, 32, 1, 10-20

Abstract: Thirty common weed species of 18 plant families were screened for their phytotoxic effects against certain vegetable crops grown in Jordan. Aqueous shoot extract of Amaranthus gracilis, Convolvulus arvensis, Lactuca serriola and Portulaca oleracea were highly toxic to most crops. High volume of extract in the medium inhibited seed germination or significantly reduced seedlings growth of different tested crops. The inhibitory effect depended on extract level in the medium, with low volume of some weeds extracts enhanced seedlings growth of certain crops. Roots appeared more sensitive to extracts than shoots, with cabbage; onion and tomato were most sensitive. Root exudates of L. serriola were most toxic to germination and growth of most crops with cucumber and onion were most reduced. Volatiles emanated from fresh shoots of certain weeds exhibited various inhibitory actions on different growth parameters of the tested crop species. C. arvensis and L. serriola volatiles were the most harmful to carrot, cucumber, pepper and squash, but cabbage was the most tolerant to all weeds...

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