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Title: Cholera epidemic in Baghdad during 1999: clinical and bacteriological profile of hospitalized cases
Author(s): A.M. Al-Abbassi, S. Ahmed and T. Al-Hadithi
Source: Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 2005, Vol. 11, No. 1-2,, 6

Abstract: An epidemic of cholera in Iraq was anticipated for the year 1999 and a plan of notification and treatment of cases of diarrhoea was made. This paper documents the clinical and bacteriological profile of cholera cases admitted to the 6 hospitals in Baghdad during the epidemic. The number of stool culture-positive cases was 874. The peak incidence of cases (June 1999) was earlier than previous epidemics with no cases registered in November/December 1999. All age groups were affected and the case fatality rate was 1.3%. Strains isolated were Vibrio cholerae El-Tor O1, serotypes Ogawa (79.6%) and Inaba (12.1%), V. parahaemolyticus (2.0%) and non-agglutinable vibrios (6.1%). V. cholerae O139 was isolated from 2 cases (0.2%) for the first time in Iraq. Antibiotic resistance was noted, especially to tetracycline...

Addresses: Department of Medicine;Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq..

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