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Title: stream of consciousness in the saudi short story
Author(s): saleh gh. zayyad
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.15, Arts (1) (year 2004),

Abstract: This study deals with “stream of consciousness” as a technique in story writing which concentrates on clarifying the structure of the narrative language and forming it in a way as to attain objectivity through presenting the world as seen by the characters of the narrative in order to signify their mental and psychological content as it flows, overflows, and disperses, and through its logically unlimited depths. The study is based on two sides: a theoretical one that tells about the concept of the term “stream of consciousness” and pinpoints its artistic content and interactions in literary, cognitive, and worldly historical context. The second is an applied side that could be read in the Saudi short story as what is creatively possible when it doesn’t use the function of language literally as the direct medium to express reality, serves, and portrays it, so as not to deprive the short story from being literary and utilitarian. The reading of the stream of consciousness in the Saudi short story began from this turning point to an advanced level of technical writing that is considered a departure from the traditional story telling since the early 1390s A.H. (early 1970s), when we find that a number of story writers were led by the desire for creativity and the appetite to go deep beyond the surface of just sayings and acts to their different contents. As a result, these stories overflow with awareness through association, interior monologue, hallucination, stammering, and reliance on dreams and myths...

Addresses: department of arabic language and literature, college of arabic language, social and administrative sciences, king khalid university , abha, saudi arabia..

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