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Title: lexical aspect and the acquisition and use of arabic verbal forms
Author(s): ahmed f. ai- tarouti
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.15, Arts (1),

Abstract: The 'Lexical Aspect Hypothesis' of first language acquisition states that the inherent aspectual features of the verb determine the acquisition of the verbal aspect and tense. The present study examines the role oflexical aspect in the learning of Arabic active participles (AP) by Arab children. The AP is a dual-aspect form; it expresses progressive and.perfec(tive) aspect. These aspectual meanings of the AP are determined by the inherent semantics of its source verb, from which it is derived. Results indicate that the aspectual class, a la Vendler, influences the initial emergence and development of the AP. The Arab child starts using the AP for continuative 1 progressive aspect with activity verbs, which are stable and entail no change or result (atelic). When the child acquires the concept of completion and marks it by the perfective verb, he/she uses the AP for telic verbs, which have definite results, to encode perfect aspect. This aspectual influence is also clear in the acquisition of the imperfective and perfective verbs; the imperfective form first appears with activity verbs (atelic and durative), while the perfective form first appears with achievement verbs (telic and punctual)...

Addresses: department of foreign languages, college of education, king faisal university, al-hofuf, saudi arabia..

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