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Title: some indicators of identity preservations: social analysis studies in honest prophetic tradition (hadith) about identity and belongingness
Author(s): suleiman abdullah alakeel
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.16, Arts (2) (year 2004),

Abstract: The identity is some of the main needs, which get the person alive in his society and among the societies in safe. He/she can defend about his/her cause and try to achieve its aims in the society and urge the others to adopt it. This study is a Social Anbalysis in the Honest Prophetic tradition (Hadith) for some Indicators of identity Preservations, the study deals with some of the following indicators. 1- Indicators of identify Preservation in the social performance. 2- Indicators of identify Preservaiton in the Islamic Brotherhood. 3- Indicators of identity Preservation in the belongingness of time and place. 4- Indicators of identify Preservaiton through non-imitation non-Muslim. 5- Indicators of identity Preservation through general instruction for nation. 6- Indicators of identity Preservation through general instruction the individual. 7- Indicators of the loss of the identity in the social performance 8- General indicators for Preservation identity and belongingness. The study gets to the instructions of the Honest Prohetic Tradition (Hadith) which urge to adherence to Islamic Religion (Al-Haneif) which re-arrange human life and obligate them get the proteciton, safe and stability as they form the identity and belongingness...

Addresses: college of arts, king saud university riyadh, saudi arabia..

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