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Title: Do contraindications to metformin therapy deprive type 2 diabetic patients of its benefits?
Author(s): SS Al Awadhi,1,3 RM Clifford,2 VB Sunderland,3 LRP. Hackett,4 H Farah,5 TM Shareef 6
Source: International Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism , 2008 , Vol 16 , Issue 2, 81 ; 84

Abstract: Background: Metformin is considered to be the drug of choice in overweight, newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Lactic acidosis is stated to be the most serious side effects of metformin therapy. Current available guidelines contain so many ambiguous terms in describing the contraindications to metformin use that they do little to assist in addressing this problem. Moreover, these ambiguous contraindications may deprive many diabetic patients from the benefit of metformin. Objectives: The aim of the current study was to evaluate the safety of metformin use in the presence of “standard” contraindications to its use. Research design and methods: This was a cross sectional study that involved type 2 diabetic patients who were on chronic treatment with metformin...

Addresses: Fujairah Medical Zone, Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates1; School of Biomedical and Chemical Sciences, University of Western Australia, WA, Australia2; School of Pharmacy, Curtin University of Technology, Australia3; MRC, Path West, WA, Australia4;..

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