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Title: hospitablity and feasting tradition in the middle of the arabian peninsula
Author(s): mohammed k. al-oteiby
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.16, Arts (2) (year 2004),

Abstract: This paper is a descriptive study about hospitality systems in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. It discuss the following issues: 1) How the environment helped in creating this system. 2) Quantity and quality of food and how it is different according to the occasion. 3) The way the host welcomes the guest at the very beginning. 4) The way the host presents the food to the guest(s), and the welcoming phrases the host says while presenting the food. 5) Guest classification. 6) The host must not bother the guest since he arrived at the host's home or ate from his food. Also he must protect the guest for a period of time, and after he leaves the host's home. 7) The obligation on the homeowner to offer food to guest(s) upon coming, regardless of what kind and how much. 8) Finally, the function of hospitality in the past and for changes it went through during the present time...

Addresses: department of sociology, college of arts king saud university, riyadh, saudi arabia..

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