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Title: the political and social transformations in dir‘iyyah ( a.h. 850-1157 / 1446-1744 )
Author(s): abdullah m. almutawa
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.16, Arts (2) (year 2004),

Abstract: The aim of this research paper is to study the political and social transformations in the society of Dir‘iyyah since its early beginnings, when it was concentrated in the two famous sites of Almulaibeed and Ghasibah, until it became a capital. It started by discussing the narration surrounding the founding of Dir‘iyyah and its early inhabitants and newcomers. In this subject, we faced the issue of scarcity in the sources, especially those dealing with information about the structure of society and its different strata. However, we should not forget the fact that the Muradah were the founders and the main core of the society, and therefore, we have to discuss some of their activities locally and regionally. An attempt will be made throughout the study to raise some hypotheses and questions about the society and its development and changes. The rise of Alturaif quarter and the spread use of the name Dir‘iyyah will also be discussed...

Addresses: history dept., college of arts , assistant professor king saud university , riyadh , saudi arabia..

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