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Journal Code: J008 | 188 Artrticles | Page: 2 / 38

6. Title: The Influence of Mouth Breathing Habit on the Vertical Components Height of the Lower Face.
Author(s): Kadry W.A., Afifi H.A, El Kattan E.S.
Source: Egyptian Orthodontic Journal, Jun-1987,

7. Title: PIastic Band Fatigability During Intermaxillary Mechanics, in Vivo Study.
Author(s): Abdel-Kader H.M.
Source: Egyptian Orthodontic Journal, Dec-1987,

8. Title: In Vivo Enamel Fluoridation in Orthodontic Practice: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study.
Author(s): Abdel-Kader H,M, Sayed S.M., Iman A.A.
Source: Egyptian Orthodontic Journal, Dec-1987,

9. Title: Nose Morphology in Different Classes of Angle's Classification.
Author(s): Tamish N.O., Fahmy M.A.S.
Source: Egyptian Orthodontic Journal, Dec-1987,

10. Title: The incidence of Primate Spaces in 3-5 Years Old Egyptian and Saudi Childern with Different Occlusal Relationships.
Author(s): Abdallah H.I.
Source: Egyptian Orthodontic Journal, Dec-1987,

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