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Title: Survey among general dentists in Saudi Arabia: Selection of materials and techniques in fixed prosthodontics
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2006;18(SI)-Abstr.090,

Abstract: 'Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate, by questionnaire, the use and selection of materials and techniques in fixed prosthodontics by dental practitioners in Saudi Arabia. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire was sent to 200 general dental practitioners as listed by Saudi Council for Health Specialties selected at random from dentists in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The questionnaires include material for the post fabrication, core build-up, tissue management, impression materials and techniques. Also cements, casting alloys and type of restoration were included in the study. Results: The usable questionnaires will be used in tabulating the results upon completion.'..

Addresses: 'King Abdulaziz University,Jeddah, Saudi Arabia'..

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