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Title: Oral health knowledge and sources of information among female Saudi schoolchildren in Riyadh
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2006;18(SI)-Abstr.087,

Abstract: 'The purpose of the present study was to determine oral health knowledge and sources of information in female secondary school children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The information about oral health knowledge and sources of information was collected through an especially designed self-administered questionnaire. A total of 656 randomly selected female secondary school children from the six schools completed the questionnaire. The mean age of the children was 16.6 (SD 1.4) years ranging from 14 years to 21 years. A great majority (94.4%) of the children was aware that good dental health is important for good general health. Majority (68.0%) of the children correctly thought that teeth should be cleaned after each meal, however, more than one-fifth (22.0%) of the children reported that no one taught them how to clean their teeth. More than one-third (37.3%) of the children thought that one must visit dentist only in case of pain in teeth. A great majority (91.0%) of the children thought that sweets (chocolates/ candies) could cause tooth decay. However, a large number of children were not aware of cariogenic potential of sweetened milk (74.5%) and soft drinks (22.4%). About three-fourth (76.5%) of children knew that the best way to maintain optimum gingival health was to clean their teeth daily. Dentists were the most popular (48.5%) source of oral health information followed by media (31.3%), parents/grandparents (17.1%) and teachers (0.9%). It can be concluded that these children need further oral health information, and that there was a need to also utilize school teachers and parents to enhance their oral health knowledge.'..

Addresses: 'College of Dentistry, King Saud University,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia'..

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