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Title: Schwartz jampcl syndrome
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2006;18(SI)-Abstr.083,

Abstract: ' Schwartz Jampel Syndrome (SJS) is a rare, inherited disease of the skeletal muscle system that was first described in 1962 which causes short stature, joint limitation, and particular facial features. It is now a clearly defined syndrome that is divided into two types: Type 1A is the classical form that develops in early childhood between first and third year of life, Type IB is less common but more severe and its symptoms are present at birth. Both types of SJ Syndrome involve myotonia and abnormal bone development. Clinical features include narrow eye opening with drooping eyelids, small mouth and puckered lips. Persons affected with SJS Syndrome have normal intellegence. These patients have special dental needs. Early diagnosis of affected children is therefore important in order commence preventive dental therapy and carry appropriate dental treatment at optimum time. The purpose of the poster is to present the orodental manifistations of the SJ Syndrome and to present our experience in providing dental care to a Saudi boy with SJ Syndrome.'..

Addresses: 'Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia'..

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