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Title: Infants oral health care
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2006;18(SI)-Abstr.082,

Abstract: 'Infants oral health care begins with oral health counseling for the new born which should include oral examination and preventive health education within six months of the eruption of the first primary tooth and not later than twelve months of age. The main benefit of early involvement of oral health care for infants is the opportunity to intercept behaviors that are potentially damaging to children oral health and to provide valuable preventive information to parents. Pediatric dental professional posses a body of scientific knowledge and technology to assist parents in caries free children. Early screening of all children at around one year of age is an excellent opportunity for early detection of risk factors and risk indicators that may increase the possibilities for its prevention. The purposes of the poster is to identify some dental problems in infants that require early evaluation and prevention, to review the preventive measures commonly used for infants and to present methods of early dental examination.'..

Addresses: 'Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia'..

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