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Title: Removal of amalgam obstruction from lower right second premolar: Case report
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2006;18(SI)-Abstr.080,

Abstract: 'Removal of metallic obstructions is an important part of endodontic treatment procedures and encounters a number of serious problems. Negotiation of the canal by crown down techniques conventionally was undertaken on a 42 years old Saudi female patient referred to endodontic clinic at Al-Baha Dental Centre. The protocol for removal of amalgam obstruction within root canal was: create straight-line access to coronal and middle portions of the obstruction using Gates Glidden till complete removal occurs. Subsequently, an attempt to dissipate the obstruction in the apical portions by bypass it carefully with continuous irrigation until mobilization occurs. The location of the obstruction and the time required for removal were recorded. Successful removal was defined as complete removal from the root canal without creating a clinically detectable perforation.'..

Addresses: ' Dental Clinic, Al-Had Military Hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia'..

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