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Title: A modified palatal crib appliance for children with predetermined thumb-sucking habit - Case report
Author(s): Sulaiman Al-Emran
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(1), 31-35

Abstract: The aim of this case report was to introduce a modified design of palatal crib habit breaking appliance that can be used for children with predetermined thumb-sucking habit. APPLIANCE DESIGN AND TESTING: The appliance is made of two bands on the upper first permanent molars and an extended metal framework to cover the anterior of the palatal roof. The appliance was applied for 4 months on an 8-year-old boy who persistently continued the habit of thumb-sucking. CONCLUSION: The appliance proved to be very effective for arresting thumb-sucking habit. ..

Addresses: Department of Preventive Dental Sciences, College of Dentistry, King Saud University..

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