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Title: bin katheer's reservations on al-taharis narrations of the
Author(s): saleh n. alnaser
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.18,Ed. Sc. & Isl Stud (1) (year 2005), 363-410

Abstract: It has become obvious from the research that Ibn Kathir provited a lot from Ibn Jarir Al-Tabari and agreed with him on a lot of his preferences and choices and it also appeared that Ibn Kathir had a distinguising sciential personality as he attached limitations on Al-Tabari in many positoins and he was nearer to the right in most of his attached limitations we find that what he thought of was preferable. This appeared when comparing what they said with the interpretations of the others. It also appeared from his research that Al-Tabari and Ibn Kathir were two great servants of expounders who followed the Doctrine of Al-Sunnah followed the Doctrine of Al-Sunnah followers [Ahl Al-Sunnah] and party [Al-Jama'a] in their interpretations. And they interpreted the Holy Quran according to the interpretation rules and origins. Allah, the Almighty, only knows and peace, grace of Allah and his blessings be upon our prophet Mohammed and upon all his followers...

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