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Title: pre-marriage medical test in the islamic jurisprudence
Author(s): musleh abdul-hai al-najjar
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.17,Ed. Sc. & Isl Stud (2) (year 2004), 1121-1180

Abstract: Pre-marriage tests shall be subjected and included within the frame of Sharia policy. One the most prominent fields of Sharia policy are the jurisprudence interpretative judgment for those issue with no explicit phrase in the Holy Koran or Sunnah. If we look attentively at pre-marriage tests, we may include them within the chapter of Sharia policy and the details of that will be as follows: a) In case hereditary and epidemic diseases spread in a certain country, and if marriage is a key reason that leads to the spread of such diseases, the governor may interfere in this issue and impose a pre-marriage tests for the protection of the members of that community from irremediable diseases. b) However, in normal cases where marriage is not a reason for spread of hereditary diseases, it is not appropriate to impose people to undertake such medical tests as people used to get married since long times without being subjected to pre-marriage medical tests and in common the are safe. Nevertheless, this doesn’t hinder fiancés and fiancées from undertaking complete medical tests as far as they are interested in that...

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