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Title: summary for al awzaii's school (doctrine)
Author(s): abdul mohsen a. al sowegh
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.17,Ed. Sc. & Isl Stud (2) (year 2004), 1053-1120

Abstract: Chapter 1: Imam Al-Awzaii: Al Imam Al Awzaii is known as Imam of Islam, Abo Amur, Abdul Rahman Bin Amur Bin Yahmed Al Awzaii; Imam of "Al Sham" region and also Imam of his time scholars as per the witness of his peers. He was born in 88 AH. and died in 157 AH. He received his education in Al Sham region, Al Yamamah, Al Haramain (The two holy mosques) and finally in Iraq. He received also his education from the scholars at his time and more from Al Imam Al zuhri, Makhul, Hassan Ben Atyiah and from others. Many Imams and scholars have received some of their learning from him and he attracted much admiration from them. The first "Fatwa" (which is a religious decree) he issued was in 113 AH. He has glorious initiatives in presenting religious advices and lectures to his society. He moved then from Damascus to Beirut and settled there and was attended by his students. Al Awzaii was esteemed by the people, and his funeral was attended by crowds of Muslims, Gothics and Jews serving a prayer at his soul, Allah might be merciful upon him. Chapter 2: Al Imam Al Awzaii's School: Al Imam Al Awzaii's school (religious insight) was spreaded in Al Sham region, Andalus and in North Africa. The "Fatwa" in Al Sham was based on his attitude for nearly two hundreds and twenty years, and fourty years in Al Andalus. Al Awzaii is referred to the school of religious holy inheritance and presented his first Fatwa in seventy thousand religious issues relying on his religious insights without hasting for a resolution that has no evidence. The most remarkable characteristics of his school are: 1. Depending only on the holy sources of the Holy Qur'an and the noble prophet sayings, Al Imam Al Shafii witnessed his acquainatance in the Noble Hadith as similar to his religious knowledge. 2. He is not going far in the analogy process as well as Abo Haneefah; nor Imam Malik as in his plea. 3. His compassion and clemency toward his apprentices and his lenience to the people. 4. His exercise of judgment in the decision depending on the Holy Quran and the Purified Sunnah (The Noble Hadith). However, the lack of his students for authoring lead to the fading of his school due to his stay in Beirut which is a significant hindering factor from that...

Addresses: department of islamic studies, college of education, king saud university, riyadh, saudi arabia..

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