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Title: benevolence in quran and its effect on the life of the incumbents
Author(s): idris hamid mohammed ali
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.17,Ed. Sc. & Isl Stud (2) (year 2004), 997-1052

Abstract: This research concluded to point out that benevolence is a creed, a faith, a sharia, a behavior, an act of worship, morals, a saying, a practice, spending, patience, fidelity, truthfulness and piety. It is an inclusive name of all the mentioned values which Allah loves. If it is generalized, means all divine imperatives that Allah likes, hence it is interpreted as: faith, god-fearing, and righteous deeds. The research confirmed that it is desirable in itself, as it embraces the upright servant, because it’s multitude proceeds, attributes of good and constituents of religion in the present and the hereafter life. The study explains its conception, indications, relationship with piety, Allah’s naming himself with it, scopes, traits, status and rewards of the righteous. The study ends with the impacts of benevolence in the temporal and the last life, and concludes with the main following results: 1- The idiom “Benevolence” is mentioned in Quran 20 times; Allah coupled it with piety in seven places in Quran, and preceded it in six of them. 2- Benevolence is a way that leads to paradise. 3- Long life can be realized by benevolence. 4- Felicity can be achivied by benevolence in the present and the last life, mainly: tranquility in the temporal world the and safeguarding against the hereafter torment. 5- It realizes Allah’s love for his righteous servants, which leads them to a high rank in the hereafter...

Addresses: department of islamic culture, college of education, king saud university, riyadh, saudi arabia..

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