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Title: the development of early career awareness in students
Author(s): mohammed sh. h. khateeb
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.1,Ed. Sc. & Isl Stud (1) (year 1989), 23-54

Abstract: Several countries depend upon different approaches in the development of students' careers and the provision of solutions to the problems of society, such as unemployment, productivity, and achievement. Thus, it has become very important for educational leaders to develop laws and theories that control these fields. Therefore, several theories have emerged by Hoppock, Genzberg, Roe, Holland, Super and others, some of whom have concentrated on occupational choice and some on vocational development. This research has drawn a picture of the relationship between these areas and educational planning and the way vocational development can be approached in society. The research has enlightened students' needs and the occupational requirements for the success of vocational development programs. Among the problems that affect their success are technological change, the ability of the students, the facilities factors, attitudes, norms, values, and the demands of the market and the distribution of local employment. The researcher has invited the educational communities and government agencies to begin these programs from the early stages of education so that society can have more adequate manpower in the future...

Addresses: department of education college of education, king saud university riyadh, saudi arabia ...

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