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Title: the raid in the poetry of the scaaleek in the pre-islamic period
Author(s): hassan m. a. rababah
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.10, Art (1) (year 1998), 53-92

Abstract: seaaleek' s poetry of the pre-Islamic era betrays a dominant characteristic of war; namely, the "raid." Raids were usually carried out amongest Arab tribes in Arabia for reasons related, among others, to poverty, revenge, and the absence of a political authority that could solve and control disputes. This topic (Raid in the poetry of the scaaleek) is new, and has not been addressed from military and literary purviews. Dividing this paper into three sections, I address in the first the term "raid" and the motivations for the event of a "raid." In the sec-ond, I treat planning out the "raid," and in the third section, I concentrate on carrying out the "raid." The term "raid" has not been fully defined in our dictionaries; this lack is, perhaps, due to disinterest in pursuing the development of its signification. Planning out the "raid" is divided into three domains: the military, administration, and military administration. Such di-vision is necessitated by the parties to the raid and the mode in which they are engaged: de-fensive or aggressive. Raids depend on scaaleek's armament, intelligence in gathering infor-mation, and fighting skills. The martial art of these poets is sufficiently demonstrated. In addition, the paper draws on illustrative evidence as regards space, time, and administrative services...

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