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Title: Pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of chronic lung disease
Author(s): Yousef M Abdulrazzaq
Source: Journal of the Arab Neonatology Forum year 2004,vol 1 issue 1, 23-26

Abstract: Increasing survival of extremely small and pre-term infants and more aggressive management policy for respiratory failure has resulted in an increasing significance of chronic lung disease (CLD) in the neonatal intensive care unit. This disease is now seen primarily in babies born weighing less than 1000g and at 24-26 weeks of gestation. Advances in the critical care of the newborns and treatment with surfactant have reduced volutrauma and injury induced by oxygen. A three-fold increase in the incidence of CLD was reported by one NICU in the USA in infants weighing less than 1500gm over the period 1976 to 1990. An estimated 72% (95% confidence interval - 58% to 87%) of the increase was attributed to the decline in neonatal death1. There has been a change in pathology of CLD, with arrested lung development and alveolar hypoplasia replacing the severe lung injury and fibrosis that dominated previous descriptions..

Addresses: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE..

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