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Title: Optimal oxygenation of newborn infants
Author(s): Ola Didrik Saugstad
Source: Journal of the Arab Neonatology Forum year 2004,vol 1 issue 1, 5-8

Abstract: Optimal oxygen saturation levels in newborn infants and especially premature infants is not fully known either regarding resuscitation after birth or in the postnatal period. This is astonishing since oxygen was introduced into newborn care more than two centuries ago, becoming part of the routine six decades ago, and furthermore it has been known for more than fifty years that premature infants are more vulnerable to oxygen toxicity than later in life. The debate of how the newly born infant should be optimally resuscitated has become more intensified in recent years. In particular, the question to what extent oxygen supplementation should be administered remains controversial...

Addresses: Department of Pediatric Research, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, University of Oslo, Norway..

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