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Title: Maternal BMI and antenatal weight gain as determinants of obstetric outcome
Author(s): C. Savona-Ventura, S Grima, K Vella
Source: International Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism , 2008 , Vol 16 , Issue 2, 53 ; 56

Abstract: Obesity during pregnancy has been shown to carry significant risk to both mother and child. The role of uncontrolled weight gain during pregnancy has not been fully elucidated. The study analysed the incidence of gestational hypertension and fetal macrosomia in various groups of mothers according to their BMI and antenatal weight gain. A definite statistically significant increased risk of both gestational hypertension and infant macrosomia was demonstrated with increasing BMI. This was compounded by increases in antenatal birth weight in all ranges of maternal BMI suggesting that adverse maternal metabolic parameters may contribute towards promoting the development of maternal and fetal complications. A restricted calorific intake in obese individuals during pregnancy may contribute towards decreasing the relative risks to both mother and child...

Addresses: Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Mater Dei University Hospital, Malta..

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