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Title: Effect of Irrigation Water Quantities and Planting Spacing on Hot Pepper Yield and Efficient Water Use
Author(s): E.R. Al-Gharibi ; A.M. Abu-Awwad ;
Source: Dirasat, Agricultural Sciences, 2005, 32, 1, 27-37

Abstract: A study was carried out during 2001 growing season, at the Faculty of Agriculture Farm located at the Jordan University Experimental Station in Amman, to study the effects of irrigation quantities, planting density and their interaction on hot pepper yield, and to investigate actual Evapo-Transpiration (ETc) of hot pepper crop that gives maximum yield per unit volume of water per unit area for a specified planting density. A split plot in a randomized complete block design was carried out with four replications using drip irrigation system on a clay soil. Three levels of in-row plant spacing were used (S1 (30cm), S2 (60cm) and S3 (90cm) and five levels of irrigation quantities (W1 ( ), W2 ( ), W3 ( ), W4 ( ) and W5 ( times evaporation depth from Calss-A pan). Irrigation water applied was adjusted according to the crop growth stage in which of the desired amount was applied at the first stage of plant life (seedling), at the second stage (development) and at the last stage (maturity and late). Each plot was 13.5 m2 with three laterals 5-m long, and 0.9 m between the laterals...

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