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Title: an analytical study of a new sabaean altar inscription
Author(s): salem ahmad tairan
Source: J. King Saud Univ, Vol.15, Arts (1) (year 2004),

Abstract: This research paper is an analytical study of a new Sabaic inscription inscribed on a stone altar found in the region of Marib in Yemen. The inscription is a commemorative text on an altar (mdbht) which as the text says is used by the scribe and his sons for sacrificing on the 7th of the pilgrimage month (d ’ bhy) and had been dedicated to al-Maqah, the deity of Saba. The meaning of the inscription has been read in classical Arabic and the roots of its words have been studied. The meaning of personal names mentioned in the texts is also indicated. The significance of the inscription under study stems from its inclusion of a new Sabaic word which did not occur in Sabaic or old South Arabian inscriptions. This word recurred as plural present perfect (ymhsnn) stemming from the root (mhs), which possibly means slaughtered...

Addresses: department of archeology & museology, college of arts, king saud university, riyadh, saudi arabia..

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